we love the details


For us, communication is our calling.
We love aiming high and giving a show.


We believe that innovation means not being afraid to dare, wether it is through tailor-made or extra-large ideas, because this is the only way to create a truly exclusive brand experience.


We prefer non-conventional communication means.
For us, marketing events mean creating an active, direct and emotional link between an individual and a brand, creating a unique experience.

an unusual perspective



An unstoppable creative instinct pushes us to provoke a sense of excitement designing a variety of projects: events, festivals, meetings and conventions, incentives, road shows, web communications, corporate branding, public and media relations, product placement... in short, we are a communication and design-oriented events planning company that is strategic, integrated, holistic, tasteful, flexible, of social importance and, above all, that is always in harmony with the values held by the client... whoever it may be. 

and everything
that is cool

Communication is just a game. It is the ability to seduce even the shrewdest of costumers...