Sculptures, objects from the collections of one-of-a-kind museums and industrial materials become the symbols of various itineraries on show and create a place where you can remove these objects from their normal settings and observe them from the outside rediscovering their beauty.


MAKING IDEAS Industrial Tourism Itineraries

WHAT: Making Ideas is an event created by Unica Comunicazione for Fuorisalone (Milan Design Week) ‘09, to reveal the creative processes of some of Italy’s biggest companies through an exhibition of their business museums, which represent distinguishing elements of culture and lifestyle. 

LOCATION: Palazzo Giureconsulti - Milan

PARTNERS: Touring Editore, Le Nord, Palazzo Giureconsulti

WHEN: Fuorisalone (Milan Design Week) ‘09

IN BRIEF: conceptualization and event planning, set-up design, graphic design, PR and publicity

6 themed itineraries: > perspectives > visions > speed > lifestyle > sound > signs

The goal of the project was to lead the public and the press in a voyage of discovery of these industrial realities through the use of 6 themed itineraries grouped together by icons. In a completely innovative way that makes use of aesthetic provocation, Making Ideas has offered a free and constructive glimpse into business culture communicated in both a business and leisure-oriented manner.