An oenological marathon through the streets of Manhattan; an exclusive event consisting of seven stops in as many locales in the coolest zones of the city where tastings of seven great wines of the Veneto region, each paired with Italian specialty dishes.



WHAT: Move the Passion was an oenological “marathon” organized in the locales of excellence in the city of New York. Event participants received a kit with a glass holder, map and a notebook to venture into seven prestigious locales discovering a new Veneto wine paired with an Italian specialty food in each.

CLIENT: U.VI.VE. The Union of Veneto Wine Consortiums

LOCATION: New York – Urbani Truffles, Giovanni Rana Restaurant, Arc Linea, Astor Center, Revel Restaurant, Risotteria Melotti, Maslow 6

PARTNERS: Urbani Tartufi, Sanpellegrino Acqua Panna, Risotteria Melotti, Arc Linea Cucine, Revel Restaurant, Giovanni Rana

WHEN: 3 December 2013

IN BRIEF: conceptualization and event planning, graphic design, PR and publicity


A specially created website served as a point of reference for both the promotion and the organization of the event. The participants had the opportunity to learn more about the history and the types of wines produced by the proposed Consortiums. Innovative and eye-catching graphics were used to highlight the exclusive format of the Move the Passion event. The website was also designed to be adaptable to viewing on tablets and smartphones.