A communication and promotion campaign aimed at both consumers and regional restaurant industry consisting of publications and innovative events held in the leading locales of Lombardy’s capital.



WHAT: The Cheese Hour is a new type of information seminar held at prestigious locales of Milan during the ritual happy hour. ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters) master tasters introduced Formai de Mut PDO in the form of finger food, an unusual presentation for this product, which transmitted a message of contemporary culture and good taste that is associated with this cheese.

CLIENT: Consortium of Producers for the Protection and Valorisation of Formai de Mut Cheese of the Upper Brembana Valley

LOCATION: Gin Rosa, Bar Jamaica, Just Cavalli Hollywood, Noon, See you at one, Twelve Milano, Wish Milano

IN BRIEF: conceptualization and contest planning, graphic design


WHAT: 30,000 copies of a bilingual edition (Italian-English) of the publication Anteprima Menu, a PDO-oriented restaurant industry journal, were printed. The publication constitutes Formai de Mut information support designed for the restaurant industry and the end consumer. Following an initial section presenting the product, the journal concludes with a section listing 32 restaurants in the territory that offer Formai de Mut PDO.

The Guida al Formai de Mut dell’Alta Valle Brembana DOP [Guide to Formai de Mut of the Upper Brembana Valley PDO] is a volume that tells the story and explains the production methods behind this cheese, describes its varieties and highlights its deep roots within its territory of origin. A volume that presents itself as the reference publication for the product.